A team united by a passion for clean living

We’ve been leaders in the eco-conscious cleaning product space for 55+ years. By combining our Greek roots with the latest developments in sustainable chemistry, we continue to provide safer cleaning products for everyone.

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We’ve built our team around an essential mission:

To protect the health and wellness of people, pets and the planet by creating the most authentic, sustainable, and affordable cleaning products for all.

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This passion for clean chemistry began with our founder, Van Vlahakis. After immigrating from Greece to Chicago in 1953, he went on to work in the cleaning products industry where he noticed first-hand the harmful effects that toxic chemicals have on our health and our planet.

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Since then, this family-owned and operated business has grown to four sustainable manufacturing facilities across the U.S. and provides over 90 plant-powered products to people around the world. From creating the first phosphate-free auto-dish gel to becoming the first company to achieve the “trifecta” of sustainable manufacturing (carbon neutrality, water neutrality and TRUE Platinum Zero Waste certification), we work every day to innovate affordable, safer cleaning solutions and sustainable business practices, from the top down.

Featured Leadership

Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
President & CEO

Widely recognized for her leadership in the green movement and corporate social responsibility, Kelly’s lifelong passion for human and planetary wellness has helped her bring safer cleaning products to people around the world. Over the years, she has transformed the cleaning products industry with innovative, plant-powered solutions and sustainable manufacturing practices. Because of her leadership, ECOS became Climate Positive and is the world’s first company to make its products in carbon neutral, water neutral and TRUE Platinum Zero Waste-certified facilities across the U.S. Kelly has also made environmental and social justice a cornerstone of ECOS’s mission.

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kelly van vlahakis-hanks
Jenna Arkin Jenna Arkin Chief Innovation Officer
Amber Mae Enriquez Amber Mae Enriquez General Counsel
Mike Palmatier Mike Palmatier Chief Strategy And Financial Officer
Gladys Beber Gladys Beber Chief Administrative Officer
Joe Janssen Joe Janssen Chief Operations Officer
Firas Jamal Firas Jamal Chief Engineer
Jennifer Lollino Jennifer Lollino Vice President, Human Resources
Victoria Celeste Victoria Celeste Vice President, Marketing
Jake Johannes Jake Johannes Vice President – National Accounts
Ron Tallia Ron Tallia Vice President – Business Development
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Wellness is at the center of ECOS. That’s why we empower our employees with excellent wages and benefits, exceptional healthcare coverage, paid family leave and green lifestyle bonuses.

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